Dr. Kathryn Salkield

Dr. Kathryn Salkield

Dr. Kathryn Salkield

We are very excited to welcome Dr. Kathryn Salkield to our Rochedale Doctors practice for 2024. As part of her training to be a full-fledged GP, Kathryn will spend the year with us.

Kathryn has extensive experience and passion for paediatric medicine, having spent the past four years working at the Mater Adult and Mother’s Hospital and the Queensland Children’s Hospital. She has extensive neonatal experience having worked in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Outside of her medical life she plays hockey for the mighty South Brisbane Eagles. She proudly grew up on Brisbane’s Southside but she has travelled the world extensively and her adventures in South America helped define her view of life. She has a story for every occasion and loves socialising with her friends.

Her colourful dress sense helps enhance the happy mood of the Practice.

07 3922 1200

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